Refund Policy

We know your concerns better about online support and to recover the technical issues that you expect from us for antivirus solution of the software. Hence we are honest with our refund systems and the procedure for the same we recommend is trouble-free to pertain. We will offer you the entire refund that you have paid in the following situations as prescribed:

  • If we are not capable to provide you services satisfactorily and to resolve your prescribed problem at first situation and you are free to ask for the refund as per the condition.
  • If the experts find that you have any technical concerns beyond our authority.

Refund plan

You are free to contact the expert guidance and ask for the department of refund. We remark that we apply the secure method for the refund and if you call us to understand and follow our procedure that we ensure you a safe transaction. We store the data of call records for all our actions to provide information with us for each customer.
If for any reason and purpose during any technical problem you need the support information let us know and we can provide that to you. If for any cause you are unable for any assurance of making an adjustment, please feel free to communicate us, as we ensure you that we will entirely help you to remove your issues when it is required.